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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please find attached herewith the simplistic billing register for Chartered Accountancy service. Kindly go through the manual below before you directly approach.

    1. It consists of four sheets (one hidden sheet named formula sheet).

    2. Three sheets are – Database, Billing Register and Invoice.

    3. First, fill in the information of the client in the Database. Plain information like, Name of the client, Address, Communication Address, PAN and GST No.

    4. Second step is the Bill Register. Enter the date of the invoice and then from the drag drown option, select the name of the client and the details of its address and other details gets appeared.

    5. Type in the description of the service given, whether for return of income filing or auditing books of accounts.

    6. Select the appropriate SAC codes.

    7. SAC codes is to be selected from the drag down option.

    8. All the relevant SAC codes has been fed.

    9. Type in the amount.

    10. There are three columns given for description i.e. Description 1, Description 2 and Description 3. As we provide different types of services to our clients, it is easy to separately show in one bill itself.

    11. After filling up the bill register, you have to go to the invoice sheet and at the right side upwards, there you need to type in the serial no. of the bill of the bill register for which you want to print the bill. Just type the number e.g. 1/2/3…etc. the invoice will get automatically generated.

    12. Please remember that all formulas that have been given are unfreezed. So you can edit the formulas. Take caution while filling up the data.

    13. As most of my clientele are from Maharashtra, I have kept the IGST column as manual editable. Therefore, take proper care while preparing the invoice of an interstate party. You just need to manually feed in the IGST amount and remove the CGST and SGST figures which are automatically calculated.

    In case of any queries, please feel free to WhatsApp.


    CA. Karan Vishwakarma

    +91 9175603338

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